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Nearly twenty years ago, church and lay leaders perceived a need in our community for professional counseling that integrated current mental health practices with a Christian world view. This occurred at a time when the field of Christian counseling was beginning to emerge. Associates in Christian Counseling was founded within that spirit and tradition.

In 1991, ACC incorporated as a 501(C) (3) not-for-profit organization. Our founding director, Dr. Joseph T. Verga, continues to lead ACC with the support our Board of Directors and a dedicated staff of sixteen.

From the beginning, ACC was envisioned as a resource to meet the needs of our clients regardless of limitations in their finances or health insurance. ACC’s not-for-profit status enables us to raise funds and receive tax-deductible donations*, both essential to fulfilling our mission, and sustaining the Client Assistance Fund.

Our financial support comes from client fees and donations. Many of these gifts are received through our annual banquet. We also receive support from mission committees and outreach funds of local churches. Over the years we have been privileged to receive grants from the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, the Richard J. Reynolds III & Marie M. Reynolds Foundation, and the Winston-Salem Foundation, that have helped further our organizational advancement. Individuals in this community, however, remain our greatest source of support